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It’s about to become official…

By 7pm tomorrow, the phrase we’ve all been waiting to say – “Kent Hehr, federal Liberal candidate for Calgary Centre” – will be active. Join us at the Legion downtown at 6pm for the formal nomination meeting, speeches and an interview with Kent, and stay on for a winter-bashing after party with Peter and the […]

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Jody MacPherson

Kent tries to make things better for everyone

By Jody MacPherson I don’t know why, but I feel like I’ve always known Kent. When I first became involved in politics, it was all so mystifying and, honestly – a bit frightening. So many people seemed cynical, suspicious and aloof. But not Kent. He shook my hand, asked me lots of questions and before […]

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Kent engages with the community

By Jermyn Voon I first met Kent Hehr while I was attending Mount Royal University as a business administration student. I had volunteered with numerous political campaigns at the municipal, provincial and federal levels. At university, I co-founded a political advocacy club with a fellow classmate. Our club invited people of various political stripes to get involved […]

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Parliament Hill in early October, 2014

O Canada…we stand on guard for thee

By Jody MacPherson Corporal Nathan Cirillo, 24, was one of two unarmed guards standing at attention at the National War Memorial in honour of every Canadian soldier who has died for their country. When the shots rang out and he was struck in the chest, his fellow soldier’s first instinct was to go to his […]

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Photo of Conor Mahoney

Kent is a “natural leader”

By Conor Mahoney I first met Kent Hehr at a community engagement event at The Blind Monk when I was volunteering for Dustin Fuller’s campaign last spring. I had been following Kent’s career and his story for some time, so I was looking forward to introducing myself to someone who I consider a very important […]

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