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Trusting that Kent will stand up for me in Ottawa

by Stephanie McLean The beginning of September signals back to school for most Calgary families. This brings to mind images of a yellow school bus, number 2 pencils, and colourful hand-drawn turkeys stuck to the refrigerator. Over the summer, I had the pleasure of attending the Hehr family annual BBQ hosted by Kent’s lovely sister. […]

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We packed the house

From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I may say this a lot, but today, I can’t tell you how much I mean it. At my campaign launch party Thursday night you helped me start something historic. As many of you know, one of the greatest privileges I have as a mucky-muck politician is […]

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How to Make This Campaign Yours

There’s really only one way to make history here in Calgary. It’s not demographics and polling numbers. It’s not the fact that people are tired of the status quo. It’s not a stump speech or a viral video. Really, what this all comes down to, is you.

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So this just happened.

One of Alberta’s hardest working, straight-talking, widely-liked politicians wants to represent Calgary Centre as its MP. Kent Hehr has served the constituency of Calgary-Buffalo provincially for two terms and looks forward to serving the people of Calgary Centre on the national scene. You can roll up your sleeves and get involved in a number of ways. […]

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